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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. well, it was not a dream, 49ers came up short we will have live coverage from new orleans. live in san jose where firefighters stumble upon something unexpected and we will tell you why police were called to the scene. and it is tied to apple's most popular product, ktvu channel 2 morning news
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continues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank four joining us i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. let's go right to steve, he knows all about your forecast. inland temperatures were struggling to get out of the 50s and now it is reversed, we now have a westerly breeze so coast and bay fog give way to mostly sunny skies and it will be cooler by the beaches and warmer inland, here is sal. we don't have a lot of sl traffic to tell you about which is good. 24 westbound is moderately heavy between walnut creek and oakland, it is 6:00 let's go back to dave and pam. san francisco 49ers came that close to pulling over the greatest come back in super bowl history but the baltimore ravens are the new champions of
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pro-football. [applauds] >> and the ravens have won it -- >> man what a game. they led and no team ever came back from ten points and they roared in the second half, the thrilling rally ended 5 yards short less than two minutes to go in the game and michael crabtree almost had it, the ravens won the super bowl. >> that big come back had 49ers fans hoping they would win but it was just a big achievement in itself. many ended up in tears after that disappointing loss. and super bowl crowds around san francisco were relatively calm but police did make some arrests.
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25 were arrested for public intoxication, police said things got out of hand at 24th and hampshire when people threw bottles but nobody was hurt. this is video from the mission district where police blocked off some of the streets to prevent cruising and there were concerns there would be a repeat in violence after the world series but crowds made their way home peacefully. there was one point everybody was buzzing and people having their morning cup of coffee, they were seeing the big news delayed on the front page of the paper. can you see me now, brent? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are here in the french quarter which is a happening place and everybody is getting their morning coffee after the super
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bowl last night and they are talking about the power outage which was an easy headline and we have electrifying information and ravens see the light and it was an easy thing to playoff of. it is something super bowl 47 will be remembered for and nobody did panic inside the the super bowl which was good, they took it easy and the announcements were made inside the dome to stay in your seats and they were working on the power out taj and they -- outage and they would get it back on as soon as possible. it ended up being a 34 minute delay and they almost pulled off a dramatic come back. in the end, ravens did get the win and this goes down as one of the memorable fronts and
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beyonce at half-time still had a 34 minute delay which will go down in the history books as one of the turning points and memorable moments of the game. at cafe dumont in the french quarter, ktvu channel 2 morning news. remember the lights went out at candle stick twice and pg&e took responsibility for the first one and then a switch failed causing the second one. and in san francisco, they plan to bring down candle stick in one big bang. that story is coming up at 6:15. the fire department stumbled into a marijuana grow operation while putting out a
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garage fire. here is tara moriarty to tell us about this discovery. >> reporter: police had no idea behind this boarded up garage there was an elaborate grow house and behind there, a woman grows a daycare and they were shocked this grow operation was going on so close to children. it went on at scottville court and investigators say the fire started in a garage and was sparked by faulty wiring. they came to fight flames and they called police and officers pulled 300 to 400 plants out of the home. we spoke to a neighbor who lived here for 20 years and he said he cannot believe it. >> we don't know what is going on inside, so now i know what. >> reporter: now we understand nobody was home when the fire broke out and nobody is in custody just yet. officials say with so many
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plants, people who run grow houses will typically bypass the meters to get electricity and we have a call in to police who are running the investigation. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco firefighters had a tough time battling an overnight fire in the western division because it was jam packed with items that were hoarded. people were treated at the scene for smoke inn hag hall station -- inhalation but the number of items in the homemade it difficult to fight that fire. >> it is a real danger for rapid fire spread and it makes it difficult for a search of the building so we have to be clear that nobody is in peril there. >> fire department believes a candle started that fire. the new secretary of tate john kerry is expected to make
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a -- secretary of state john kerry is expected to make his speech. they are waiting for him right now and over the weekend john kerry made connections with leaders around the world. he made phone calls to israeli and palestinians leaders that they will continue to pursue peace in the middle east. he also spoke with turkey, canada and new mexico and as you know john kerry was sworn in over the weekend on friday and we will keep you posted at the state department. meanwhile, they are trying to raise participation to fight some bad publicity they are getting over poor working conditions. china is making apple's iphone and i-pad and they have been criticized for worker's conditions -- workers' conditions at those plants. for the first time they will allowing fox plant to elect
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union rep tis. it -- representatives. we are getting to the heart of the commute and 880 westbound from richmond to berkeley all the way to the mcarthur maze, there is a little bit of waiting going on but some of those metering lights will be going on soon. fremont commute still looks pretty good and it is probably the best it will be for this time. 238 to mauerry avenue with no major delays, let's go to steve. well, it is kind of a different pattern, not only do we have inland fog, radiation fog and we also have coastal fog which is up to 700 to 1,000 feet and the combination of the two makes for overnight lows to be a little warmer still that coastal fog is not going
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anywhere and the coast will be cooler than last week. we have more a westerly breeze and last week it was all offshore down towards santa cruz but not anymore. we have colder ocean temperatures up to lower 40l1sl0 and 50s and we will have to wait until thursday to get some light rain. 50 half-moon bay, 40s in novato. napa says fog, concord said fog, livermore fog, moffett says fog in the areas well. mostly sunny today after that fog but the fog retreats back to the coast and stays there and keeping temperatures in the 50s. for some it will be warmer inland and 58 now alameda to 62 in brentwood, there is a difference compared to last week. 59 fremont, 59 santa cruz, not
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that 79-degree temperature anymore. too much of the that low summertime pattern i think. we will have some light rain thursday into friday but it is the colder air coming in and temperatures will be very chilly over the weekend. search crews will be back out looking for a missing man in santa rosa, what family members are saying about his health and his bizarre behavior before he disappeared. the super bowl who won the big money battle. >> also, another one making headlines, president barack obama goes on the road rallying for tougher gun control ideas.
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. welcome back, happening now vice-president joseph biden is in paris and you can see he is meeting with the vice-president from paris and it's part of his european tour and they have been discussing iran over the last few minutes and we will listen in for a moment. >> i pointed out too many families in france and united states and europe as a whole are still suffering from underemployment as well as unemployment and again, we must speak to that. i was impressed in a discussion we had relative to climate
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change and i mean this sincerely, and i could have been sitting in a private meeting with president barack obama, he would not have said it in french but he said it in english and said the same thing -- he pointed out... >> still listening to vice- president joseph biden and they are talking about the economy certainly suffering the same thing we are suffering in the united states and right now all the european markets are down and this is part of his european trip and later he will travel to meet with the british prime minister. >> and president barack obama is pushing for gun safety proposal and as kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, the president got some help with the super bowl ad last night.
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>> reporter: not everybody saw that ad, it only aired in specific markets, mayors against specific legal guns... let's listen. >> the nra supported background checks... >> reporter: they were speaking to lawmakers in 1999 and at that time he said there should be background checks at every sale every gun show, but now he says it will lead to a national registry and president barack obama's critics say it could lead to taxes on guns or to confess sayings. -- confiscation. over he weekend, the white house released -- over the weekend the white house released this picture of president barack obama doing seat shooting and he will give
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a speech about his proposals and why he made this stop for his proposal, i will have an update when i see you next. kyla campbell. the group protect our children bay area has so far raised $30,000 for the event. the buy back will offer $200 for an assault style weapon and it will be held in east palo alto on february 3rd. they are looking for a man last seen behaving strangely at a park. they called saturday after the man started acting bizarrely. he was reported to be in the park where the man stripped naked and started chanting. >> he fit the description, tall
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6-foot 6 male white male and he disrobed himself and he was chanting... >> family members say he may be reportedly mentally ill. he will be sentenced on domestic violence charges. he is accused of beating his wife and he pled not guilty to two felony counts of domestic violence and he faces up to a year in the county jail. it looks like the long time home of the 49ers is going out with a bang. san francisco will blow up candle stick park with a 30 seconds implosion. the explosion could happen within weeks and a developer plans on turning the site into a huge retail and office complex. back to the super bowl where the emotions were tugged on in the most popular super
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bowl commercials. ... music... >> did you see this one, it featured a young horse growing up to be a collides dale, it was the -- clydes dale it was the most liked ad. and then the shape of the 49ers star, quarterback joe montana, they liked the humor in that commercial. and how some fast thinking advertisers took advantage of that unexpected darkness which happened during the game. you know what i am talking about, we will have the details, pam. and how is the commute in contra costa county, sal? >> it is looking good as we get closer to 7:00, we are seeing the roads get busier. it looks moderate between walnut creek and oakland and we are getting closer to the tunnels 4th floor being open
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to the delight of many of the people who drive this every day but metering lights are on and that's translating to a 10 to 15 minutes delay before you make it on to the bridge. and in fremont traffic is looking good and we will do 15 minutes from 238 to the mauerry which is up from the last time we checked. 6:17, let's go to steve. coastal low clouds and fog as you go inland and visibility is getting a lot less, nasa concord and getting closer to san jose. some morning low clouds and fog, low clouds by the coast and bay, no change tomorrow, next rain, light rain thursday and friday, we will be turning colder than it is a rainy system. it is giving us a few high
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clouds, livermore 39 san jose and we had 50 in oakland airport, low 40s for many. santa rosa is in there cop cord is reporting some -- concord is reporting some fog and now it is moving locally inland so a combination of the two means temperatures have cooled off considerably by the beaches and now we have a westerly breeze and last week it was more of an easterly breeze so upper 50s and 60s and warmer inland which is an exact opposite of what we had last week. there will be a lot of cold air in place and that wind will crank up on the weekend. color racks beat wall street, revenue is up 9% which is more than analysts forecast. it shows higher sales boosting
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those numbers. well the love struck zombies took over the box office with the story of the zombies who loved humans so much he was redeemed. the silverling play book and who what rounded -- and mama rounded out the top five. the hitchhiker who is being called a hero. >> you know what, i couldn't realize... >> how that hitchhiker grabbed a hatchet to save somebody's life. it is only four months after a bad accident, we will explain. well, well, well.
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. . welcome back time now 6:24 team oracle preparing for the america cup returns to the water which was badly damaged. it accidentally flipped avenue during the america's cup races and it needed a lot of repairs and modification but the crew says it is ready to sale again. they are getting ready to launch a second yacht sometime in the next couple of months. a hitchhiker in fresno is being haled as a hero after he
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stopped a hate crime. he was sitting in the passenger side of the car when the driver announced he was jesus christ. he then said he was going to hit a pg&e worker because he was african-american. the hitchhiker pulled out a hatchet when he started attacking other people. the pg&e worker did need surgery but he is expected to survive. the driver was arrested. they caused a power outage, you saw it last night, they took advantage of social media and they needed just five minutes to respond to the blackout. this is what they posted with that cookie picture, you can still dunk in the dark and that ad was recirculated more than 13,000 times. well twitter had its
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busiest day ever. they had a showdown between the 49ers and the ravens and it was a record 4.1 million tweets during the game and a half time show. the third quarter power outage, that generated the most tweets per minute during the game, 231,000 tweets happened per minute. san francisco 49ers will be back here in the bay area this afternoon. the 49ers will land at the international airport in san jose 1:15 just wanted to let you know and sal, i wanted to let you know about your team. >> absolutely. thank you very much dave. i wanted to chime in witsome breaking news. somebody who had been in the water by the golden gate bridge, they were rescued on the fire boat and they have the
6:29 am
person on board and they will be takingen to a medic unit and we will follow up with more information coming up. let's go out and take a look at 237 westbound as you cross 880 traffic continues to be slow here and it is slow early on over to 101. and between hayward and fremont, 15 minutes timed traffic and traffic does look good, let's go to steve. we have inland fog pamela, santa rosa napa and concord, mostly sunny but it is cooler by the beaches, 50s instead of 60s and it's a little bit warmer and we'll see if there is any rain coming up in about 10 minutes. it claimed the life of a teenager what police are telling us about a possible motive.
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what they are saying about being packed for san francisco for the 49ers what police are telling us about those crowds.
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. welcome back to the nasdaq, the democrat from queens, the new york stock exchange, eli may is trading there and it looks like a busy day with stocks including oracle, not necessarily good, but we will have that in just a little bit. good morning, we will go ahead and say good morning, it is monday february 4th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook and as we all know 49ers disappointing loss to the ravens, you can see here people are out in the street and they were jumping up on cars and
6:33 am
dancing a bit. police had to shut down traffic when others tried to tip some of the cars over. super bowl crowds in san francisco were relatively calm but san francisco police did make some arrests. 25 people were arrested for public intoxication and one person was arrested for trying to start a fire and somethings got out of hand at 24th and new hampshire when one person tried throwing bottles at officers. there were concerns there would be a repeat of violence and vandalism like after the world series but for the most part crowds made their way home peacefully. >> it is completely different, and in a way it is sad the 49ers lost, great come back, but it was not meant to be. >> reporter: what is next for the mission district? >> well, it is quiet.
6:34 am
>> that he had party at 24th and harrison and people were able to watch the game outside on television no crowds reported problems there. he almost pulled off the greatest come back in pro- football's biggest game. he led 4 scoring drives to a 31 touchdown pass to michael crabtree and collin kaepernick kissed his biceps on that touchdown. the thrilling rally came up short in the final minutes of the game. >> we had time and we thought it was our game. >> jim harbaugh was screaming, he was holding, he was holding crabtree. >> 49ers fans have a lot to be optimistic about, pam, is he holding there? >> i am not going to say. >> okay, but it was a memorable
6:35 am
game and jim harbaugh is right there. the battle of harbaugh brothers, one thing they agree on, we will tell you what it is coming up at 6:45. >> back here a deadly shooting has claimed the life of a teenage boy. janine de la vega is back now showing us some of the damage in that neighborhood, jeanine? >> reporter: dave, police are still trying to figure out what sparked this shooting and if the two teens involved are from this neighborhood. it is unclear right now. gunfire was flying in east san jose at audubon drive and you can see where some of the bullets hit this minivan and you can see there are huge dents. officers tell us that a group of teens was walking on east san jose when another group
6:36 am
opened fire. one died at the scene and is expected to survive. the violence seems to be increasing in the neighborhood. >> you see more gangsters but that's about it. >> reporter: this is video taken this morning of a truck that was hit by bullets and that truck was towed away for evidence purposes. police searched the neighborhood but did not make any arrests and there is no motive at this time but police are looking into the possibility that this is a gang related shooting. this is the city's 4th homicide of the year and you are looking at audubon drive and that's a live picture of the kennedy elementary school. the body of one of the teens was found across the street and it's unknown if he was shot at that location or if that is where he ran and collapsed.
6:37 am
coming up on mornings on 2, i will tell you what neighbors heard when all of this violence broke out. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, san francisco firefighters say a barbecue grill is to blame for a house fire. four people were inside the home but imagined to get out -- managed to get out safely and nobody was hurt. at least eight people are dead after a tour bus crashed on a rural highway. it caused a bus to collide with a car and pick up truck on state route ukiah. >> there were several persons ejected and that's where several fatalities are from. >> now authorities say the tour group may have been returning from big bear, a popular skiing
6:38 am
area. time now, jimmy lee dykes is still holding a five-year- old boy hostage six days after he kidnapped him from a school bus and killed the bus driver. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is holding that little boy in an underground bunker. he is allowing them to send in medicine snacks and toys for the little child. by the way the funeral for the bus driver was held yesterday. people are celebrating the birthday of rosa parks. she would have been 100 years old today. she died in october 2005, best known for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger and that fueled crippling boycotts and a supreme court ruling against public segregation. and in menlo park, the
6:39 am
world's biggest social network is celebrating its 9th anniversary. mark zuckerberg opened the to his classmates at harvard and they added stamford columbia why and yale students and -- columbia and yale students all over the world. now it is available in 7 languages. >> -- 70 languages. we have a water rescue going on in san francisco. there was a person in aquatic park. one of our crew members is on the way and that person was picked up by a san francisco fire boat and is now being taken to a medic and they will be transported to the hospital and one of our crew members is there and we will find out more about this coming up. let's look at 880 southbound
6:40 am
traffic is moving well as well as northbound 880 and the traffic is not that bad moving up to downtown oakland. this is about a 10 to 12 minute drive time before you make it on to the bridge and metering lights. and between 380 and 92, less than ten minutes not bad on 101 and 280 is also looking pretty good. let's go to steve. last weekend it was sunnyside up when inland temperatures were cooler and now it is different, santa rosa, napa, half mile visibility but there is a low cloud deck and that fog will head back to the coast and be cooler there. no change and thursday and friday we will get some light rain out of it and temperatures have kind of come into a
6:41 am
summertime pattern. areas of fog, low visibility and that fog is more extensive around the coast but it is still a dry pattern and temperatures are lower than last week and we have a few high clouds in this system and we might have a hint of rain in mendocino county tomorrow but not much, it will kind of wash itself out. upper 50s and a lot of low clouds mean oakland, san francisco, half-moon bay, oakland temperatures come up just a little bit. increased clouds, i will get some light rain out of it, there will be two systems and a second dear one dropping in friday. the -- secondary one dropping in friday and the weekend looks cool and breezy at times. what led to an unexpected discovery, the discovery that led to a marijuana grow house.
6:42 am
and days at candle stick may be numbered. we will tell you about its fate coming up. and traffic looks good, we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather coming up. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight.
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the other airlines versus southwest. [ starter's airhorn ] these executives have earned reward flights... [ announcer 2 ] they just need to pick a date. those other airlines never make it easy. oh, that's a great day to fly. ahh! he just got the blackout knockout! but here's the southwest solution! every date is available and so is every seat! this executive can't lose! he's a champ with rapid rewards. business travelers win with southwest! . good morning, a lot of low clouds around, it was cooler by
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the coast and mostly sunny skies inland. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 6:43, president barack obama flies to minnesota and he will be rallying for gun control ideas. this will be his first appearance outside of washington d.c. to push his ideas. san jose police say a shooting that claimed the life of a teenager may be gang related. they found two teenagers shot on audubon drive. one died of his injuries and the other is expected to survive. and san francisco police made about 25 arrests for public intoxication after the 49ers super bowl loss and despite that, the area was mostly quiet. a home in san jose led to the discovery of a large marijuana grow operation. tara moriarty has more on what
6:46 am
she is learning from police, tara? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with san jose police who discovered a marijuana grow house and right now they are trying to find out who is responsible for it. right now it is all boarded up and there was a very elaborate system behind this boarded up garage. the call came in and the fire started in the garage and was sparked by faulty wiring. firefighters stumbled upon the plants when they came to fight the flames. >> we went upstairs and we found even more rooms with marijuana. we have since seized 3 to 400 plants. this neighbor just can't believe it. >> i lived here for 20 years and i just can't believe it. >> reporter: we understand nobody is in custody just yet
6:47 am
although police confiscated evidence that might provide them with some clues. people who were running this bypassed the meter in order to get electricity so that meter will be pretty steep and plants are about to be destroyed. right now you are looking at a daycare facility next door to the operation and it is considered so incredibly shocking that children were right next door to where all of this was happening. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> reporter: new this morning san francisco 49ers are looking to their future in santa clara, but now we will find out what is happening to their old home in candle stick park. here is more on how they are going out with a bang, i mean that literally. >> reporter: we are live here at the stick and it used to be
6:48 am
the home of the 49ers and was also the home of the giants. the reason it will be gone is chronicle says the stadium will be demolished by a 30 seconds explosion that will bring the stadium down and no exact time when it will be demolished but they are looking at a couple of weeks after football season and the home has been -- the area has been the home to several events. even the last concert of the beatles and here are some memories from fans of the stick this morning. >> yeah, i was there 25 years ago, this is like three years ago 49ers played. >> i am very disappointed to see it go. we went to giants games for years, they couldn't bring
6:49 am
people there for years but you could see the fog streaming over 105-degree giant day in concord and we would go out in shorts and attaining top and -- and tang top and by the 5th inning you could not see five feet ahead of you. >> reporter: this is couple of artists renderings, they plan tonight building a shopping area similar to walnut creek and they have plans to build a 4,000 seat arena which could be home to smaller teams or maybe another team as well, but coming up on mornings on 2, taking it back to historic candle stick park while others say it may flop. ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:47 pro- football's biggest game set the
6:50 am
stage in the ultimate sibelling rivalry and they face each other in a major championship game in the u.s. in the end it was big brother john and the baltimore ravens who came out on top. they still love each other, hugged each other but he said he is just as proud of his team and his brother. >> we battled right on the bridge of winning it -- brink of winning it. it was a heck of a football game. >> everybody agrees with that but both brothers say it was a big distraction about sibling rivalry. a person is being transported where an ambulance is standing by. we have a crew headed to the
6:51 am
scene and they will bring you an update on mornings on 2 at 7:00. 6:42 is the time and you mentioned earlier a person was found, right? >> actually we do have more information on what is going on here. now the water rescue happened near aquatic park and they are taking the person to scott street pier. the fire boat is going towards the arrow where they have appear waiting with medics at the scene so the half row is near where the rescue started and now one of our crew is there to watch them as they pick up this person from one of the fire boats that rescued that person from the water. we don't know their condition but one of our crew is there as we mentioned. let's look at the commute on the bay bridge, that is backed up for a 12 minute delay in san francisco and also the morning commute looks good if you are driving into the san francisco area on the bridge and this is
6:52 am
880 in oakland and it is not a bad commute and no major problems driving through to downtown oakland. westbound 37, we have some slow traffic as you cross 880 and get near seneca road. >> i did have some fun times at candle stick. >> low clouds and this is something i have not said. we have a low fog bank i just tweeted out from san jose station neurology department, it also says fog reduced visibility and it is a double whammy with also fog inland and so the combination of the two makes for a cloudy foggy morning. fog and sun head back to the coast and it's cooler because the system coming in from the north has ramped up the fog bank. you can see a few high clouds and other roll high pressure still wants to hang around.
6:53 am
50 half-moon bay, she said foggy and cold and there is more of a westerly breeze instead of an offshore breeze. fog at 33 and there is a lot more 30s and a few 40s and a few high clouds will give a lot more high clouds around. morning fog and mostly sunny, a little bit warmer inland, a little bit cooler coast and bay and we have more of a westerly on shore breeze. 58 oakland and 62 brentwood livermore and 62 san jose, 57 yesterday, today we will be 59 in santa cruz. no more 70s here. 60 redwood city and palo alto and menlo park and mountain view. fog will be back tuesday into wednesday and a system drops in for some light rain and the bigger news is the cold air coming in brice i and -- breezy
6:54 am
and cool over the weekend. an investor group could be finalized within days. one source is saying details will be finalized and the company could be sold for $24 billion and that would make this the biggest deal since the crisis started years ago. the new information about the altercation about romo in vegas and why he will not be facing charges. new flights are being offered and we will have more on how it can benefit specific local travelers. here, try this dole pineapple orange banana.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average down 90 points aspected because it did start above 14,000 for the first time since october. and police in fairfield need your help, they are investigating the strangling death of a 13-year-old girl. they are questioning people near where the girl's naked body was found on friday. they are investigating surveillance video from nearby businesses but if you have any information about the girl's whereabouts, call the police
6:58 am
department. and mayor ed koch died from congested heart failure and the funeral will be held attempt pell emanuel. -- at temple emanuel. virgin america is planning on adding daily nonstop service from san jose to los angeles. it will go into effect on may 1st and up until now they have only flown out of fso but they have been campaigning to add flights out of san jose and they will also bring 50 new jobs to the airport. sergio romo will not be prosecute cuted in an airport vegas bus after all. he was arrested after he allegedly became angry with a tsa agent. witnesses claim he was under the influence and according to
6:59 am
the district attorney they say he will not be charged due to a lack of prosecution resources. and there is an -- beyonce had an explosion sufficient performance -- explosive performance. she sang a lot of her hits and she also reunited with destiny's child. if you liked her show, you will get a chance to see her right here in the bay area. she will make a stop in san jose july 2nd. pretty exciting getting closer to 7:00, let's go to sal. >> we will have more on mornings on two, a -- 2, a person was rescued and a fire boat took him to appear where paramedics are waiting. bay bridge toll plaza has a 15 minute delay before you make it on


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